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Anul Fullfilment

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Description: One of XLGirls.com's resident cock-surrogates wants to fuck Lola Lush bad. But before he gets to shove his dick up her ass, he wants to savor her lush body. He asks Lola to try on some outfits like she's his own personal living fuck doll to dress and undress. This is how all fuckable women should be handled. A man may never own his own business or own his own land but he can own his own properly trained woman or women in his bedroom. The first item for Lola is a tube dress that fits her fuckin' hot body like a second skin. The next is another skin-tight dress, this one gold with straps. While Lola tries on a ridiculously a small top that looks like a fancy bra or bikini top and a tiny skirt that she needs a shoehorn to fit around her butt, Colton tells Lola that he's going to put his cock in her ass. She plays tease but she knows her asshole is going to be filled with his hot-beef injection because she's done it before and she'll do it again. Lola gets into a very sexy babydoll position--on her tummy, feet in the air--and sucks his bone. The couple swing into another position and Lola goes down again. Anxious to fuck, he doggies her from behind, then fucks her missionary-style in her clacker, as the Australians call the butthole. Lola applies a vibe on her tingling pussy and swollen clitty while Levi cornholes her butt to a loud orgasm. As a parting gift, he squirts his seed into her anus. Lola proudly turns her ass to the camera so everyone can see her brown-eye filled with jizz. She is indeed a spunky girl.